Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Past time....

So, I have been meaning to do this for a really long time...but you know what they say... the path to hell is paved with good intentions...so it is about time I do it. Our little family it in Bountiful, UT right now but we will be looking for a house in the not too distant future so our location may change. Jon was working for the state but last week he started a new job at a place called Spillman. It seems to be a fine job and pretty relaxed. As you can see we have one little one and one on the way. Garen will be 18 months next week and Adara (pronounced like Sara) is due sometime around Aug. (I hesitate to give a date because I was soooo excited for Garen to come then he was 2 weeks late...it was torture...so we just say Aug.) Anyway, I do not look forward to the heat of the summer but I do look forward to her arrival. :o)
My life is pretty much made for the amusement of a toddler. We ride our bike to the park and store and where ever else and he is happy as long as he is "aut" (outside!) Comming in every once in a while for food, drink, nap, etc...is torture for this little guy but he is happy and wonderful. If you ever want a more recent update you can check out our blog too...
so that is us in a nutshell!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We are moving!

Jeremy got the job he applied for. So we are off to Lo-town again! YEAH!!! We are very excited to be moving back to Logan. We love it there and would have stayed if there were any job openings when Jeremy graduated. We are on cloud 9 right now. Big changes and lots of work to be done in selling and buying a new home. Janaea, we are in the same boat with you.

Congrats to Kelli and Jill for opening your own businesses. I would never have the courage to do that. I hope all goes well for you. You guys are amazing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kelli's open for business...

For those that know Kelli-- she has opened up her own shop in Georgia. Here's the link to their Web site.

Kennesaw Barber Shop

Congrats, Kelli!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

In Memory...

As most of you know, the prophet of our church, President Gordan B. Hinckley passed away Sunday evening in his apartment. The news came to us from Amanda and we were in complete shock. After confirming the news on a local television station's Web site, we were still left feeling incredibly sad but happy that he was finally reunited with his wife and other family members.
Since joining the church in 1996, President Hinckley has been the only prophet that I have ever experienced. His voice always warmed my heart and all I needed sometimes was to hear it and know that all would be well. I will never forget the first General Conference I attended. I had been a member for only a year and had flown out to Utah to visit a friend and go to conference. It was in the old Tabernacle. I had received tickets to the Sunday morning session. We sat on the south side of the upper level and I waited with the eagerness of a child on Christmas Eve to see the prophet in person. Suddenly everyone stood up and so did I, then I looked over and saw him walk in and over to his chair. I felt a flood of emotions, burning in my chest and I knew then more than ever that he was the true prophet of God. Since then, my love for him has only deepened. I don't think I will ever sing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" without crying some major tears thinking of my beloved prophet.
As I still gather my thoughts about President Hinckley, I find it comforting to know that he passed away on a Sabbath Day, a day of rest-- from the busy life of service that he lead over decades-- this great man, leader, friend finally found his ultimate day of rest.
I am forever grateful that we had our Ward Conference yesterday and that I was able to sustain President Hinckley as the prophet, seer and revelator one last time. As the news tried to sink in last night, I am also grateful for the great comfort I received from the Holy Ghost that let me know all is well!
I know that Jesus Christ leads and guides this church and that through him another prophet will soon be called to lead and guide all of us in these last days. We are so blessed to have had President Hinckley. Let us honor his memory by obeying his teachings.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3 1/2 weeks and counting!!

So I figure I will try out this blog thing and then if there's ever a moment in the future I will try again. Life is great right now and well on its way to crazy in about 3 1/2 weeks when our #3 addition arrives. The kids are so excited. Mary is now 4 going on 5 in April and Matthew is 2 going on 3 in April. We are living in Oregon. Brandon is substituting and we will hit the application warpath once again this summer in hopes of a permanent teaching position. This will be our third attempt at doing so and we are living witnesses of what everyone says, "If you are looking for a teaching job, don't go to Oregon." We did get one offer last year, but it wasn't the right one. Brandon has started working on his masters and just got put in as EQ President at church so he stays pretty busy. Because of his calling, I got released from mine-Enrichment Counselor in Relief Society- so life has freed itself up a bit to make room for this new little one. We chose not to 'find out' what we were having, so I'm anxious for the big surprise in the D-room just like our ancestors did!! It's fun seeing all the pictures and hearing how all is doing. Keep in touch. We'll post a picture when I get around to getting one taken. Poor Matthew wouldn't even know he was part of our family if he had to go by pictures alone. Hopefully I do better with this next one. Love you all!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome friend bloggers...

Welcome to our friend's blog! Hope you like the new look. This blog is compromised of us that grew friendships in Logan, Georgia and on my mission. It is hard to believe where time has taken some of us-- California, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, Oregon and so on. What can't separate us is the ease of keeping up with one another via the Internet. Post your pictures, experiences, locations and so on here-- so that we can keep these friendships forever.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blog under construction...

This Blog is currently under construction-- hopefully a new face lift will bring my friends here to post. Don't be scared...I am trying new things out right now-- I'll notify when it's finally finished.