Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Past time....

So, I have been meaning to do this for a really long time...but you know what they say... the path to hell is paved with good intentions...so it is about time I do it. Our little family it in Bountiful, UT right now but we will be looking for a house in the not too distant future so our location may change. Jon was working for the state but last week he started a new job at a place called Spillman. It seems to be a fine job and pretty relaxed. As you can see we have one little one and one on the way. Garen will be 18 months next week and Adara (pronounced like Sara) is due sometime around Aug. (I hesitate to give a date because I was soooo excited for Garen to come then he was 2 weeks late...it was torture...so we just say Aug.) Anyway, I do not look forward to the heat of the summer but I do look forward to her arrival. :o)
My life is pretty much made for the amusement of a toddler. We ride our bike to the park and store and where ever else and he is happy as long as he is "aut" (outside!) Comming in every once in a while for food, drink, nap, etc...is torture for this little guy but he is happy and wonderful. If you ever want a more recent update you can check out our blog too...
so that is us in a nutshell!

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